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You are a space ranger tasked with cleansing the galaxy of pirate scum. You have to destroy three bases, one on each level.

Main features:

3 levels:
- on the first level, you only face weak enemies that have to be close to reach you with their laser.
- on the second level, you face mid-range enemies that are stronger and harder to destroy.
- on the third level you have to destroy the Queen, the strongest unit that holds to key to the strength of the pirates.

3 types of enemies:

- weak,
- medium,
- strong (queen, unique unit)

Once their health is below 50%, they try to reach the base to heal.

3 types of weapons:
- laser (unlimited)
- missiles (5),
- psychological weapon (1),

Psychological weapon is based on the special feature in Pacman (enemies go crazy). You can also speed up by pressing and holding Left Shift. Keep an eye on first aid kits and missile supplies.

You can save best scores.

The game is fully functional and free!

Have fun!


SpacePiratesMission.zip 51 MB

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